TIG Acquisition Partners is seeking to acquire one-off suburban office and industrial buildings with some value-add component which will then be stabilized and assembled into appropriate portfolios for an institutional exit.

Target markets will include Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Tulsa and Oklahoma City—TIG’s core competency markets.  A similar but separate strategy will be implemented for Mexico and the Texas/Mexico border markets.

Targeted acquisitions include assets in durable locations but with significant leasing risk, capital starved properties, short-term debt maturities, redevelopment opportunities or phase II development opportunities.

Execution of the value-add strategy will be implemented using TIG’s experience and expertise in operating office and industrial properties including the following competitive strengths.

  • Experience in every discipline
  • Principal-level Involvement on Every Assignment
  • Focus & Creativity in Deal Making
  • Institutional Systems & Procedures
  • Insightful Market Knowledge
  • Accurate & Timely Financial Reporting
  • Staff of 45 professionals


Target Markets

  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Mexico Border Markets

Product Type

  • Office
  • Flex
  • Industrial

Acquisition Range

  • Minimum: $2 million
  • Maximum: $40 million

Closing Period

  • 60 day feasibility
  • 30 day closing

Financing Contingencies

  • None; all cash closings